Sleeping with other people

Twelve years after a one-night stand in which they lost their virginity to each other, kind-hearted womaniser Jake (Jason Sudeikis) and compulsive cheater Lainey (Alison Brie) bump into one another while attending a support group for sex addicts.


Despite their mutual attraction, the self-confessed romantic failures decide that their relationship will remain strictly platonic while they support each other’s recovery.

However as the friendship blossoms and the two are drawn helplessly close together, Jake and Lainey struggle to keep their feelings – and actions – in check.

Sleeping With Other People is a romantic screwball comedy that puts a modern twist on the classic “men and women can’t be friends” theorem of When Harry Met Sally.

Witty, outrageous and unashamedly slutty, this movie is sure to make you laugh, cry and leave you pondering that universally debated question: can love still bloom when you’re sleeping with other people?

Words by Catherine Sherwood

Picture by Sleeping with other people

Details: Sleeping with other people | Rated R | Comedy | Release date 29 October 2015