In the Heart of the Sea

American biographical adventure thriller In the Heart of the Sea is an action packed film based on the true 1820 event and story that inspired Moby-Dick.


In the Heart of the Sea shows the struggles of the crew who boarded a New England whaling ship Essex for years longer than they bargained for.

Starring Chris Hemsworth as first mate John Wayne, the greed for whale oil and arrogance of John Wayne and his captain led the crew from safe waters to a nightmare off the map.

Preyed upon by a white sperm whale, the surviving crew found themselves stranded and pushed to the ultimate limit, turning to shocking and unspeakable actions.

In the Heart of the Sea leads the audience through the storyline with a narrative by a soon-to-be great writer.

The film gave an incredible insight into the great disaster that brought down the Essex in 1820.

Best viewed in 3D

Details: In the Heart of the Sea | release date 3 December 2015 | 122 minutes | rated M | Directed by Ron Howard