The hardworking and forever pleasing mother, daughter and granddaughter, Joy, who founds a business dynasty becomes a role model for all.

Joy, played by nominated best actress for the golden globes Jennifer Lawrence, was a divorced mother of two children who wanted to make a name for herself with one of her many cleaver inventions.

With the addition of an ex-husband in the basement and a father, Robert De Niro, seeking a bed between relationships, Joy is the centre of four generations of women living within her mortgaged home.

Directed by David O. Russell, the film explored the blood, sweat and tears of not only invention, but of getting a product into the hands of consumers – all while trying to gain the respect and support of her family, friends and hometown.

After discovering a need for a self-ringing mop, Joy shows determination and courage to form an empire that will give opportunities to others with brilliant ideas.

The film is empowering, motivating and inspiring not only for all women, but for all who have a dream in a competitive world.

Best served with a glass of red at Palace Centro Cinema

Details: Joy | released 26 December 2015 | 124 minutes