Introducing Mr Black for the party season

With New Years Eve right around the corner it’s time to start planning for that spectacular party!

The crew at Brisbane Weekender have been mixing up spirits with tonics and more to bring you unique and special cocktails that will make your party fabulous.

The highlight spirit of the season is the latest Mr Black x Campos. The team at Mr Black have recently collaborated with the Campos crew to create a limited edition coffee liqueur.

This high quality and unique liqueur is the perfect celebratory drink as each 700ml bottle boasts its own product number and reveals an exciting visual design as the bottle is consumed. Get in quick because this liqueur is limited to 900 bottles globally.

Drink straight or blend it with some spirits and mixers for an intense and delicious dark roast cocktail – not one to drink over those white carpets!

Here’s a few ways to mix up Mr Black this New Years Eve.

  1. A pretty neat drink like this doesn’t always need to be mixed. Pour Mr Black x Campos over ice, plonk yourself down in your brown leather armchair and light up a cigar for a more relaxed new years eve with good company.

2. Mr Black x Campos’ coffee liqueur calls for everybody’s favourite espresso martini. Here is Mr Black’s own recipe:

The ingredients:
30ml Mr Black
30ml Vodka (or dark rum or tequila)
30ml Espresso
10ml Simple Syrup

The ‘how to’: Add ingredients and shake it like you stole it. I mean it. Shake it hard. Very hard. Don’t be a monster, double strain it. If you’ve got to make more than one in an evening, pre-batch your sugar and espresso.

3. If you are looking for something pretty intense the coffee negroni is the drink for you. This is another strong recipe from Mr Black himself.

The ingredients:
20ml Mr Black
20ml Gin
15ml Campari
10ml Sweet Vermouth

The ‘how to’: Stir with ice. Strain over fresh ice. Garnish with a twist.

Mr Black Details: 

TASTING NOTES: Light stone fruits: cherries, apricots. Dark cacao. Port finish.

FARM: Ruera Estate
REGION: South Central Kenya
ALTITUDE: 1500 – 1700masl
PROCESSING: Fully washed Kenya processing

RP: $80.00

Images by Brisbane Weekender