Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel The Price of Salt, Carol is an intense and serious film, full of suspense.

When shop girl Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) meets society woman Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett), their connection is instant. 

Carol’s forgotten gloves, left on the shop counter provide an excuse for them to meet again, and the rest is history.

With dialogue that is relatively sparse, Carol relies on Blanchett and Mara’s ability to portray a full range of emotion through a single glance or touch, and carries it off beautifully. 

Both actresses give compelling performances, and portray the uncertainty, fear, and excitement of forbidden love.

Shot through the lens of 50s Cold War conservatism, Carol is discreet and ambiguous. 

Therese and Carol have both everything to lose and everything to gain. 

This film provides a refreshing take on 1950s America, the dynamics of love and marriage, and the difference between the two.

Carol is a slow-burning but never boring adult drama, engaging from start to finish.

Words by Hannah Abell 

Details: Carol | released 14 January 2016