Cirque Adrenaline at QPAC

Cirque Adrenaline have brought a spectacular performance to Brisbane’s Queensland Performing Arts (QPAC) centre with thrilling and electrifying acts in an action packed high-octane circus arena. 

With ten shows from the 7th to 17th of January, Cirque Adrenaline moves at a frenetic pace and will have your heart pounding throughout the show.
With over 30 performers, the Cirque Adrenaline troupe blend traditional circus acts with theatrical flair, breath-taking acrobatic displays and complex dare-devil stunts.  

Each performer has been carefully selected from the best circus entertainers in the world, many being former stars of Cirque du Soleil.

The show has a number of precision aerial feats that will have you mesmerised from the Russian Swing performers flying back and forth across the stage on giant pendulums to Sabrina Aganier with her double jointed contortions that had the crowd gasping. 

The talented performer manipulated her body into unnatural positions on her Aerial Hoop that impressed all.


A true highlight for all ages was “Geddy” who performed spell binding balancing tricks which got more difficult with each manoeuvre on his Rolla Bolla 
Dai Zaobab kept everyone glued to their seat with his amazing Fire Spinner act. 

Meanwhile, Darren Partridge as Dizzy the Clown provides a lot of laughter throughout the show. He uses crowd “volunteers” in light hearted breaks from the adrenaline pumped acts.

The stars of the show are undoubtedly Angelo Lyerzkysky Rodriguez and Carlos Mayorga Macias performing high risk acrobatic feats atop and inside the giant spinning Wheel of Death.

From here, every manoeuvre was inches away from a perilous outcome. Another star act was the daredevil motorcycle riders racing around the giant mesh Sphere of Fear with inch perfect precision.

Produced by Simon Painter who has previously brought The Illusionists and Le Noir to QPAC, Cirque Adrenaline is providing Brisbane with another action packed spectacular to rival the most exhilarating and breath-taking show to ever come to town.

Words by Peter Lamont.

Cirque Adrenaline. Photographs by Darren Thomas.

Details: Cirque Adrenaline | Matinee and evening sessions at the Playhouse, QPAC, Grey Street, Brisbane | Tickets from $49 (children) or $79 to $99 (adults)