Drink Merlo on Australia Day

Queensland-headquartered coffee company Merlo pays tribute to Australia Day by naming Mountain Top Estate their Bean of the Month this January.

The thriving brand is known for producing authentic coffee with intense flavour.

Grown in the Scenic Rim region of Northern New South Wales, the bean boasts tasting notes of dark chocolate, warm honey and rich earthiness.


The dark chocolate notes and hint of honey come through best when served as a traditional espresso however we still find it to be a lovely blend when milk is added warm or cold and served on ice.


It was the year long maturation process combined with the volcanic soil of the region that has created a deliciously rich, warm flavour in the cup.

Those hitting the streets of Melbourne will soon be able to experience the aromatic coffee from Merlo’s first stand-alone Italian for roasting house (Torrefazione).

Details: Merlo’s Bean of the Month for January: Mountain Top Estate – the perfect Australia Day pick-me-up | The Bean of the Month is available at Merlo’s 14 stores across Brisbane and online

Origin: Australia

Estate: Mountain Top Estate

Varietal: K7

Region: Northern NSW

Process: Washed