The Danish Girl

The Danish girl is a moving true story about the lives of two Danish artists who lived in Copenhagen in the early twentieth century. 

The film was directed by Tom Hooper (The Kings Speech, Les Miserables), and based on the novel by David Ebershoft.

Energetic and playful Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander) discovers more about her husband when her model for her large canvas painting of a dancer cancels.

Gerda asks her obliging husband Einar (Eddie Redmayne) to step in to model the female role. 

However as he shows his shy and sensitive side, the once successful artists in his own right Einar begins to realise that his true identity is female. 

Set in the backdrop of their Cophenhagen apartment of soft and muted greys and blues, the film is tender and beautifully paced as it traces the transformation of Einar into his female self Lili.

At times heartbreaking, this movie is more than an account of the first transgender sex transformation. 

It is about two people who are very much in love and explore their relationship as their emotional world is turned upside down. 

Becoming her true self, Lili gains the identity she longs for aided by the care and compassion of Gerda.

The Danish Girl leaves the audience with an insight into the true power of love. 

Words by Elizabeth Lamont

Image by The Danish Girl

Details: The Danish Girl | 120mins | release date 21 January 2016