Five Unique Ways to do Yoga in Brisbane

Find your center a different way in these fun yoga classes​. 

Whether it’s up in the air, in the water or under the starry night sky, there are a range of yoga classes available in Brisbane to help you get fit, improve your balance and find that perfect stretch. 

With January almost gone, it’s well and truly time to make good on your New Year’s resolutions and find an exciting yoga class for you. 

1. Flight Skool Anti-Gravity Yoga

Let’s face it, exercise can often be a chore and more often than not gravity has come between us and an impressive yoga pose. 

The solution? Flight Skool anti-gravity yoga. A fusion of yoga, dance, Pilates, calisthenics and acrobatics, Flight Skool’s range of anti-gravity aerial yoga classes use soft hammocks to help you master poses and inversions. 

Acting as a soft swing or trapeze, the hammocks allow you to manipulate physics in a way that is both exciting and effective. Offering classes for beginners to the advanced, Flight Skool Anti-Gravity Yoga in West End will make you feel as if you’ve run away with the circus, all while giving you a good work-out.

2. Lunchtime City Yoga

How many times have you told yourself you’d work-out more if work didn’t get in the way? If that’s you, Lunchtime City Yoga is there to help. 

Held in South Brisbane’s Kurilpa Point Park on Thursdays, Lunchtime City Yoga invites people of all abilities to take part in one of their thirty minute lunchtime sessions or even stay for the whole hour. 

With no booking or fee required and being located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, the class is convenient for city workers. Why not bring your gear, slap on some sun protection and rejuvinate your body during your break?

3. Curvy Yoga

Has the idea of entering a yoga class full of trim gym bunnies put you off even signing up? Stretch Yoga in the CBD and Holland Park proudly believe that yoga is for everyone, no matter what their body type. 

With a focus on body acceptance and working with your natural gifts, Curvy Yoga is a fun and supportive class that will help you find the perfect yoga pose for your body. 

The six week class is held at various times in their two locations with limited bookings.  

4. Aqua Yoga Therapy

If you love the feeling of weightlessness that comes with being in the water, Aqua Yoga Therapy could be for you. Held on Thursdays between 11am and 12pm at the Bellbowrie Pool, Aqua Yoga Therapy is a free and unique way to exercise. 

Using the pool’s walls and the body’s natural resistance to water, the low impact yoga class is an invigorating way to exercise and welcomes people of all abilities. Classes are free however pool entry fees apply.

5. Free Twilight Yoga in the Gardens

Free Twilight Yoga in the Gardens is for those who love being outdoors and connecting with nature. 

Yoga instructor and nutrition coach Anne Noonan leads this calming yet effective class in Mt Coot-tha’s Brisbane Botanical Gardens every Saturday between 4 and 5pm. 

No booking or fee is required, simply bring along your yoga mat and a bottle of water. Free Twilight Yoga in the Gardens invites you to find your center and take in the majesty of the transitioning night sky in one of Brisbane’s most beautiful locations.

Words by Emily Russ