What’s on ‘his’ list this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not only about impressing the wives and girlfriends. Show your man (or man-friend – they like prezzies too!) how much you care with a thoughtful surprise this year.

1. The first item to make the cut is Brisbane Weekender’s product of the month for him! Local hair genius and grooming guru Stefan has recently released ‘The Man Grooming Kit’ for the hairy man in your life.


Stefan is inviting girlfriends, wives, love interests and mates to tame the beasts in their lives with a quirky selection of products for dirty, hairy, grizzly and mo-magnificent men.


The products have clear and never-boring instructions with a promise that the manly-scents and nourishing gifts will make your guy ‘the smoothest chap around town.’ The kit comes with an ultra-trendy man bag to store his beard oil and grizzly shaving cream – leaving less mess and more space for your own goodies in your his and hers bathroom – OK, maybe this gift isn’t completely selfless.

2. The man mug. What better way to serve your guy his favourite beer on Valentine’s Day than in his new and very own man mug. Custom make your own mug with a sweet and lovely message or choose one of the ever-so-trendy mugs from Man Mug.

3. If a plane ticket is out of budget give your special man a Lonely Planet book and start planning that trip together – you have the whole year ahead of you. Or swap it out for one of the funniest travel books of all time – Westward Ha! by S.J. Perelman.

4. Lush cosmetics isn’t all about the women either. The man range is a thoughtful way to show your boyfriend, husband or mate that he should take some time out for himself. We recommend the Kalamazoo Beard & Face Wash teamed with the Smugglers Soul Solid Perfume. Throw in some Veerappan Moustache Wax for those with the mo’s.


5.  Happy Socks meet any budget and their funky designs give it that extra edge for a special Valentine’s Day gift – just to say you care. Our favourites are the sock with geometric shapes – the brighter the better.

Words by Katherine Bowden

Feature images by Brisbane Weekender

Smugglers Soul by Lush Cosmetics