5 Scrumptious Sugar-Free Sweets to try in Brisbane

Taking on the FebFast sugar free challenge? Or do you just want to cut sugar from your diet? Fret not! Brisbane city is home to an array of health food cafes, restaurants and stores that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, minus the inevitable sugar crash.
Craving… ice cream?

1. Paw Paw Café, Woollongabba

Paw Paw Café in Woolloongabba is here to make you scream – for joy – for their sugar-free ice cream. Made from natural coconut water and coco probiotic, Paw Paw Café’s nutritious soft serves are not only sugar-free but also 99 per cent fat free and dairy free. 

Their cocowhip ice cream is available as a classic soft serve or as a sundae or breakfast bowl. Choose from a range of toppings such as granola, fresh fruit and even your choice of raw slice from their sweets cabinet for a sugar-free summer treat.

Craving… donuts?

2. Nodo, Newstead

Taking the river city by storm since opening their Newstead doors last year, Nodo offers a range of baked donuts that are a hole lot of fun. 

With a focus on wholesome ingredients, Nodo’s creations certainly aren’t the sprinkle covered neon donuts of your childhood. Their sugar-free raw donuts are tempting for the biggest of sweet tooths and are friendly to the health conscious. 

Why not indulge yourself with their raw cacao Rocky Rose donut, topped with raw chocolate ganache and rose petals? Their Cha Cha Chai donut is as indulgent as it is to say, with its raw chocolate glaze and chai raw white chocolate, cacao nibs and walnut topping. 

For something truly bewitching try their Love Spell donut. The raw cacao donut is lovingly topped with raw strawberry chocolate glaze, organic coconut chips and chocolate-maca.

Craving… cake?

3. Raw and Peace Bakery, Windsor

Let them eat cake – easier said than done if you’re trying to live sugar-free. If you’ve got a birthday coming up or you just want to treat yourself check out Raw and Peace Bakery at the Northey Street Organic Markets in Windsor. 

Selling their delicious fare at the market each Sunday as well as on their website, Raw and Peace Bakery has a variety of tempting cakes free from refined sugar. Flavours include snickers, pavlova, tiramisu, Turkish delight rocky road and much more. 

Craving… French toast?

4. Plum Tucker, Red Hill

It can be hard to go past a sugary serving of French toast whenever it appears on a breakfast menu. At Plum Tucker breakfast can still be a very sweet affair without ruining your sugar-free diet. 

Served on toasted sourdough with fresh strawberries, honey ricotta, crushed pistachios and generous helpings of avocado, Plum Tucker’s ‘Celebrity’ breakfast is certainly an A-lister on the menu. 

Sweetened by the strawberries’ natural sugar and the ricotta’s honey, the Celebrity is a breakfast that will make you feel like a star all day.

Craving… something sweet to nibble on?

5. Lost Boys, Fortitude Valley

Located in Fortitude Valley, this little pocket of innocence is a haven for the health conscious. 

Inspired by the tale of Peter Pan, Lost Boys in Fortitude Valley is home to a sweets cabinet full of sugar-free goodies. Alternating daily, their sugar-free treats are a great accompaniment to a cup of their organic fair trade coffee. 

Sugar-free sweets currently available include raw gluten free bounty slice and their choc coconut protein balls.

Words by Emily Russ

Feature image by Nodo