Flamenco Fire presents Viva Sevilla – The Golden Age of Flamenco

Vivid, seductive and celebratory – Viva Sevilla, the Golden Age of Flamenco was a​ brilliant and memorable performance. 


Viva Sevilla was the final instalment of Flamenco Fire’s trilogy, and took its audience back to the 19th century to experience the birth of flamenco. 

Through an exquisite combination of music, vocals, percussion and dance the show explores many cultural aspects and influences that produced the art form.

The concert assembled a diverse and talented team of musicians and dancers from both Spain and Australia, to produce a contemporary recreation of the traditional performance. 

Seasoned musician, Andrew Veivers directed and composed the show in collaboration with the musical styling of Kieren Ray, Shenton Gregory, Andrej Vujicic. 

The performance was brought to life by the incredible vocals of Clara Domingo and Olayo Jiménez, and the remarkable dancers.

The small cast were together on stage for the entire performance, which in the intimate Cremorne Theatre provided a welcoming and personal experience for the audience. 

Between the rhythmic movement and the lively music it was hard to follow who was leading the other, but what was certain is that the energy was palpable.

Simple black dress of the musicians was contrasted with the customary and iconic Spanish costumes of the dancers; however the attention was shared amongst the performers. 

Between ensemble performances, each musician astounded the audience with an electrifying solo, which recognised each of their talents but also reinforced the feeling of unity and family.

This truly unique show delighted its audience and offered a vibrant, sensual performance that celebrated the traditions of Spain and flamenco.

Words by Laura Hitchins

Image by Flamenco Fire

Details: Flamenco Fire’s Viva Sevilla | Cremorne Theatre, Queensland Performance Arts Centre | 28th January to 6th February | $49.50-$59.50