5 Tempting Summer Mocktails to try in Brisbane

While summer may technically almost be gone the thermometers certainly don’t agree.

Along with the soaring temperatures, February sees the start of FebFast where participants chose to either give up alcohol or sugar for the month to not only improve their health but also raise funds for youth support programs across Australia.
Check out where to get scrumptious sugar-free sweets in Brisbane here.

Whether you’ve given up alcohol for FebFast, have nominated yourself as designated driver or you just enjoy a delicious mocktail, now is the perfect time to find a shady spot and sip on a delicious summery drink.

1. If you like Pina Coladas…

Pina coladas scream summertime and instantly inspire images of long balmy afternoons spent sipping on this tropical concoction by a pool.

However, cutting alcohol from your diet needn’t mean saying goodbye to this popular drink.

Pop in for a meal and a (virgin) Pina colada or two at New Shanghai in Queen’s Plaza. Enjoy the unmistakable flavours of the classic Pina Colada alcohol-free in their sweet combination of pineapple juice, coconut milk and lemon juice.

For something a bit different try the Rooibos Pina Colada tea from the Tea Centre. A fragrant blend of rooibos tea, coconut rasps, pineapple pieces and sunflower blossoms, the Rooibos Pina Colada tea can be enjoyed hot but is perfect served as an iced tea.

Simply infuse two tablespoons of the leaf mix in a jug of iced water for two to four hours and serve in a chilled glass with a cocktail umbrella. Though alcohol-free, all you’ll miss with this delicious iced tea is a hunky cabana boy.

2. Can’t say ‘no’ to a Mojito?

Any bartender worth their salt knows how to make this simple yet irresistible cocktail.

Located above Brisbane icon Archives Books, trendy bar and café John Mills Himself offer a refreshing alcohol-free version of this traditional cocktail.

An uncomplicated mix of fresh mint, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and soda water, the virgin Mojtios at John Mills Himself are ideal as a not so sneaky lunch break pick-me-up.

3. Sangria at sunset…

This Spanish classic is perfect for summer afternoons spent sharing tapas with friends and watching the sun go down.

Ole Fuego in Indooroopilly offers a range of tempting sangria options including their deceivingly named Sin Alcohol virgin sangria.

Served both by the glass and by the jug, Ole Fuego’s virgin sangria is an ice-cold, fruity concoction that’s an invigorating remedy for the sticky Queensland humidity.

4. Need a pick-me-up?

If a Moscow Mule is your go-to drink and you’re a fan of its many variations try the pick-me-up mocktail from the Marriott’s M Bar.

Similar to the fun and fruity raspberry Moscow Mule, this delightful mocktail is a fusion of hand-pressed raspberries, fresh mint, fresh lime and ginger beer.

Why not take in M Bar’s classy atmosphere – in air-conditioned comfort – and sip on this cooling and delectable mocktail?

5. Packs a punch…

It’s hard to imagine a drink more summery than a fruity Planters Punch cocktail.

For something similar try the Fruit Punch mocktail at South Bank’s Greystone Bar. Made from ginger ale, pineapple juice, lemon juice, orange juice and cranberry juice, this mocktail is a sweet way to pass a hot summer afternoon.

Words by Emily Russ

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