After finding international success with her best selling novel, Emma Donoghue has adapted Room for cinema screens. 

A compelling story about a young woman held captive for seven years with her son, their ensuing escape, and life after time in “room”. 

The subject is tough to swallow, and to see the portrayal from the eyes of a five year old is equally enlightening and disheartening to watch. 

The film skims over the adult intricacies with which viewers would usually be indulged and instead captures Jack’s innocent obliviousness, and simultaneously, his unfaltering love and concern for his mother. 

His perspective on many of the tough situations is refreshing and unassuming and certainly presents much needed light for a potentially dark story. 

Room also exhibits absolutely outstanding break out performances for both Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. 

The pair share a genuine chemistry and demonstrate a completely authentic relationship without overexertion of audience emotion.

The film is only set for a limited release in Australia, although it is worthy for far more. 

Room is delicate and rewarding to watch, and should be on your must watch list this awards season.

Words by Laura Hitchins 

Image by Room

Details: Room | 118 minutes | release date 28th January