Crass, action and romance – what more could you want this Valentine’s Day? 

Deadpool is the most recent product of Marvel in the X-Men universe. The film reveals the story of a spectacularly obnoxious anti-hero and his quest for vengeance.

Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is entirely unconventional as he completely indifferent in the heroisms of his superhuman counterparts. 

His purpose is clear – he must defeat the villain who disfigured him and save the girl of his dreams. Delivered in non-sequential order, the film acts as both an origins story and launch of a new franchise.  

The multiple fourth wall breaks are a little exhausting but the dry and sensational humour keeps the audience in stitches the entire film. 

This new take on the superhero flick is somewhat exhilarating as you see unforgiving gratuitous violence excluded from other Marvel films. 

This role is particularly redeeming for Reynolds after his last attempt in the superhero enterprise, of which this film takes great pleasure in slandering.

The film is vivacious and highly entertaining as it takes nothing seriously but still meets the level of action and suspense to that of a Marvel classic. 

Whether you take him or her to see it, the film is definitely one to watch and thrilling to anticipate the possible franchise crossovers in near future.

Words by Laura Hitchins

Image by Deadpool

Details: Deadpool | 108 minutes | release date 11th February