How to be Single

There are so few women centred films that capture modern dating without falling into the stereotypical genre of chick flick romance. 

How to be Single is a film that aims fill this void of the genre with the crass humour and self-validation. 

Starring Dakota Johnson as Alice the recently single amateur, Rebel Wilson as Robin the independent party girl, Leslie Mann as Meg the workaholic, defiant to societal expectations and Alison Brie as Lucy the persistent, serial dater. 

The film explores the story of these entirely different women coping with single life in New York City. 

The film is fun, cheeky, colourfully honest and entirely refreshing for its audience. 

It is not shy to reveal the many issues and obstacles that face singlehood along the way. 

The performances are hilarious, well timed and does not hesitate to surprise its audience with its brazenness. 

It is motivating for women’s independence and encourages unity with other women.

Perfectly timed to release around Valentine’s Day, How to be Single is an inspiring comedy for single and coupled women alike. 

It reminds the audience of their own redeeming qualities, self-sufficiency and motivates them to be true to themselves, while also being absolutely hilarious to watch.

 Words by Laura Hitchins

Image by How to be Single

Details: How to be Single | 110 minutes | release date 18th February