Zoolander 2

Zoolander fans rejoice – the long awaited sequel to the pop culture classic is finally in cinemas.
After an incredibly successful marketing campaign, there was considerable buzz about the new film and great enthusiasm for catching up with the entire original cast. 

Taking place 15 years on from the first film, Zoolander 2 covered Derek Zoolander’s return to the fashion world and together with Hansel, their battle against an opposing company who were attempting to take them out of the business.

The film featured an extensive cast of celebrity cameos, which became needless, but reminded the audience of the international success of the original movie and its overwhelming widespread support for the sequel. 

The script made every effort to throw back to the jokes and gags from the original movie – be sure to watch the original Zoolander film first. 

The script was also abundant with malapropisms, which made for some good punch lines, but still very silly.

Zoolander 2 went to every length to extend their satirical response to the fashion industry, and still provided a lot of laughs for its target audience.  

Words by Laura Hitchins

Details: Zoolander 2 | 102 minutes | Release Date 11th February