The Secret River

A Secret River is a moving production adapted for the stage by Andrew Bovell, and from the multi-award winning historical novel by Kate Grenville.

With the entire season now sold out, the opening performance of The Secret River spellbound Brisbane audiences, and they showed their appreciation with a unanimous standing ovation. 

An extremely talented cast of actors were supported by a team of outstanding creatives. Together they wove magic to bring alive a heart wrenching story of our colonial past.

Narrated by Auntie (Ningali Lawford-Wolf) and set beneath a majestic towering gum tree, the play unfolded the story of the lives of two families.

Together with his wife and young boys a pardoned convict set out to turn their lives around when they attempted to plant crops and squat on the Dharug peoples land in the Hawesbury River district.

Clinging to hope, songs, traditions and attitudes from far away England, they were ill equipped to face the clash of culture that lies ahead.

On the other hand the Dharug family, who rely on the land for their survival, draw on their ancient wisdom; their language, song and dance echo over the land that belies the ultimate tragedy they are faced with.

The play brilliantly balanced both sides of the story showing the darkest yet also the lighter side of humanity. 

A Secret River delivers some beautiful performances by the young children who’s natural capacity to embrace difference ultimately give us hope. 

A compelling play for all Australians, this is a story to be told and retold.

Words by Elizabeth Lamont

Details: The Secret River | Queensland Theatre Company presents a Sydney Theatre Company Production | Playhouse, Queensland Performing Arts Centre | 25 February – 5 March 2016  | $68 to $120