Top 5 Acts for the Brisbane Comedy Festival

Coming to Brisbane this March, Brisbane Comedy Festival has five comedy acts you won’t want to miss. 

1. Frank Woodley – Extra Ordinary

This Aussie comedy legend is guaranteed to make you laugh. After performing comedy for nearly 30 years, Frank Woodley has perfected the art and will leave you laughing whether you’re twelve or a hundred.

2. Titanic The Movie The Play

This homage to the classic romantic tragedy will parody it in a way never seen before. Hilarious, yet respectful, Titanic The Movie The Play warns you will get wet, and you will have to hear that Celine Dion song. 

3. Tripod – 101 Hits

The musical comedy trio behind hits you used to watch on YouTube for hours are celebrating their twentieth anniversary. With a selection of both their old and new music you’ll not only be laughing, but singing along too.

4. Danny Bhoy – Please Untick this Box

Critically acclaimed Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy will be returning to Brisbane with his new show for this year’s Festival. With a large fan base down under, Danny has even been known to break attendance records in Australia in previous visits, so be sure to book before tickets run out!

5. Anne Edmonds – That’s Eddotainment

After country-wide sell-out shows in 2015, Anne Edmonds is back for another year at the Brisbane Comedy Festival with a whole new routine. 

The home-grown comedian is the winner of last year’s Comic’s Choice Award, and for a good reason. Don’s miss this hour of wit, physical humour and good old fashioned Aussie jokes.

Words by Darcy Stephens

Details: Frank Woodley – Extra Ordinary | Powerhouse Theatre |Tuesday March 1 until Sunday March 6 | $30 – $44

Titanic The Movie The Play | Powerhouse Plaza| Wednesday March 2 until Saturday March 19 | $25 – $28

Tripod – 101 Hits | Powerhouse Theatre |Tuesday March 8 until Sunday March 13| $35 – $42

Danny Bhoy – Please Untick This Box | Brisbane City Hall | Monday March 21 until Wednesday March 23| $54.90

Anne Edmonds – That’s Eddotainment | Brisbane Powerhouse’s Rooftop Terrace | Tuesday March 1 until Sunday March 6 | $22- $32