Top 5 Cushions for Your Back Deck

Looking to decorate the back deck? The team at Brisbane Weekender have searched high and low to find the perfect cushions to brighten up the back this Autumn.

1.The Colourful Contender
Gold Coast based company These Walls has won our hearts with their i​ndoor/outdoor range.

​De​rived from the saying ‘If these walls could talk’, founder Sara Hingle believes our homes resonate with our unique stories and that the spaces we create are deeply intertwined in these memories and conversations of living.

2. Summer Daze
Fashion designer, textile engineer, interior designer and now full­time cushion maker, and boy are we glad! 

You can find Anita’s amazing collection of outdoor cushions online ​and even arrange for a matching dog bed!

3. Eccentric Edition
Alex & Elle’s ​beautiful Scandinavian designer cushions are handmade in Melbourne to the highest standard. 

With matching wall art these beauties are a great way to create a fantastic atmosphere.

4. Something Different
Designed, made and handcrafted in Melbourne, Cushionopoly has a huge range of cushions​with great designs, great quality, and with a touch of uniqueness. 

These gorgeous cushions will complement any space.

5. The Show Stopper
Founded by graphic designer Terri Ioannou, Moteef designs and produces cushions inspired by the decorative arts of destinations such as Africa and Mexico, as well as the 70s Op Art movement. 

These o​utdoor cushions ​are sure to brighten even the dullest of days! Better yet, these cushions are durable, water resistant and easy to clean.

Words and pictures by Megan Laws