The Great Moscow Circus

Celebrating it’s 50th year anniversary, The Great Moscow Circus has made its way to Brisbane. 

The two-hour show kept the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish with incredible performances including acrobatics, trapeze artists, and extreme daredevils taking on The Globe of Death. 

Entertainment legend Michael Edgley is a firm believer that delivering a fresh and entertaining experience is essential.

“We love the idea that every audience member will leave a Moscow Circus show feeling transformed by the experience; whether it be from witnessing the individual amazing performer’s talent or the superb Moscow Circus production as a whole – it’s very entertaining.”

The Grear Moscow Circus was a brilliant production suitable for the whole family.

Words by Megan Laws

Image credit The Great Moscow Circus

Details: The Great Moscow Circus | Victoria Park, Brisbane | 02 March to 12 March 2016