Sacha Baron Cohen will have you laughing until you gag in the spy action comedy Grimsby.

Grimsby follows Nobby, a boorish father of nine who is desperate to make up for lost time with his estranged MI6 agent brother Sebastian, played by one of Hollywoods toughest actors Mark Strong. 

Hilarity ensues as the pair set out to the other side of the world to foil an evil plan to rid the world of the working class.

Like a friend who has had too much to drink Grimbsy shares many uncomfortable moments with the crowd, with jokes about HIV, and bathroom humour featured prominently in the script.

Much to the delight of movie goers the notion of decency was thrown out the door. The film had all eyes watering and stomachs churning. 

Throughout the 83 minute duration Grimsby shocks and delights, making it the perfect distraction from life’s every day stresses and responsibilities.

 Words by David Bowden

Details: Grimsby | MA15+ | 82 minutes | Strong crude sexual humour and nudity throughout