Mix up your fitness this Saturday

Keep Fit and Mix up your SaturdayIn an ideal world we’d all work out regularly throughout the week, but the reality is that sometimes it’s just not possible. 

If you’re looking for a way to exercise and take advantage of your weekend, these five unique fitness classes will have you seizing your Saturdays and improving your body. Oh, and they’re also free – for the win!

1. Aqua Kick Boxing

Combining kick boxing with aqua choreography, Aqua Kick Boxing will help you burn calories while releasing your inner Rocky. 

Full of fun boxing patterns, this water aerobics cardio workout uses the water’s natural resistance to tone your arms. The class itself is free however normal pool entry fees apply. 

2. Skateboard Revolutions

Think skateboarding is only for children? Think again. Held on Saturdays at the J.F O’Grady Memorial Park, Skateboard Revolutions helps those new to skateboarding to work on their balance and learn a few tricks along the way. 

With 2 coaches available, those with past experience wanting to refresh their skills are also invited.

3. African Drumming

When you think of fitness, African Drumming might not necessarily spring to mind. 

This class however will work your arm muscles while you learn how to drum, dance and get involved with the infectious East African rhythms. 

Join the group on the 19th of March at 7th Grade Park to get involved. 

4. Tabata and Core

Suitable for both men and women of all fitness levels, Tabata and Core involves an energetic combination of interval training and specific core strength and stability exercises. 

To improve your cardiovascular fitness, meet the group at Jubilee Park on March 19th.

5. Meditation and Relaxation

We all like to relax on the weekend, right? Learn how relax your body effectively using Japanese breathing techniques in this interesting class. 

Open to men, women and children, Meditation and Relaxation in Keong Park aims to improve your physical fitness, confidence and self esteem in the tranquil morning class on March 19th. 

Words by Emily Russ

Image by gametime