Medieval Power: Symbols and Splendour

Brisbane locals and tourists can explore precious jewels from AD 400 to 1500 at Medieval Power: Symbols & Splendour, Queensland Museum this Easter break.

The exclusive exhibition curated by the British Museum has allowed Queensland Museum to be the first in the world to showcase the incredible artefacts.

The exhibit includes gold, jewellery, seals, sculptures, stained glass, tools of war, objects of religious significance and humble items from everyday life.

Highlights of the exhibit includes signature rings, traditional black leather shoes and a Lewis chess pieces clutching a sword as if ready for battle.

Medieval Power: Symbols & Splendour offers an exquisite insight into the Middle Ages.

Image credit: Lewis Chess King, walrus ivory, 1150-1200, found in Scotland © Trustees of the British Museum (2015). All rights reserved.

Details: Medieval Power: Symbols & Splendour | 11 December to 10 April 2016