The World Science Festival Brisbane

The science world well and truly made its mark on Brisbane last week. 

The tall red banners lining Brisbane’s Victoria Bridge rolled out something like a red carpet to the tens of thousands of people who made their way to the first annual World Science Festival in South Bank, Brisbane. 

Some of the biggest starts of science were presented with the beauty, complexity and importance of science in our world today.

A major theme of the festival was the history, evolution and future of our very own planet, how we treat it and the impact we have as humans. 

‘Earth’s Evolution: Lessons From The Cosmos’ was a salon event presented during the festival.

The salon started from the very beginning; the 1968 Apollo 8 shuttle and the photo that changed the world. 

The first view of Earth from the moon sparked an environmental movement as millions around the globe grasped just how small and fragile Earth is.  

A multidisciplinary group of astronomers, astrobiologists, climatologists and oceanographers took an extra-terrestrial view of our planet and made us realise the environmental challenges we face today.

The enlightening conversation detailed the exploration of space as an aid to the Earth, our environment compared to other planets, what the climates of Mars and Venus are signalling to us and how can we better manage our own planet.

The World Science Festival packed in brilliant original performances and fascinating demonstrations. The festival returns to Brisbane in March 2017 for another extraordinary view of the science world.

Words by Liam Ross

Image by Queensland Museum 

Details: The World Science Festival Brisbane | Queensland Museum | 9 to 13 March 2016 (event occurrs annually)