Velvet at QPAC

After dazzling audiences around the globe, the award winning hit show Velvet returns to Brisbane and would have to be the most amazing, hilarious, and enjoyable shows I have seen in a while.

Director Craig Ilott has channelled the original Studio 54 nightclub into a seductive fusion of disco, dance, burlesque and circus with shocks, surprises and scintillates at every turn.

The acrobatics is world class with the performers defying gravity and making the audience gasp at every twist and turn. 

The music is an exhilarating disco soundtrack that has the audience dancing in their seats.

But hands down the highlight of the show is the incredible hula hoop performer Craig Reid, who delivers the most joy-filled performance of the show that keeps you grinning long after he’s finished doing his thing.

It’s a winning mix of nostalgia, dance music and circus production. 

Words by Megan Laws

Details: Velvet | QPAC | 20 April to 15 May 2016 | $59 – $79


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