Spanish Film Festival

With only nine days left of the Spanish Film Festival be sure to catch a movie or two. 

For passionate movie goers Palace Cinemas are offering multi-film passes.

This Saturday, 30th April and next Sunday 8th May, Palace Barracks are screening Isla Bonita.

Set on a beautiful island off the coast of Spain, viewers will delight in the backdrop of sparkling blue waters and charming Spanish interiors for this entertaining comedy/drama. 

Director Fernando Colomo stars himself as Fer a middle aged divorced film maker who visits the Island to make a documentary. 

Fer stays in the home of the head strong artist/sculptor Nuria (Lillian Caro) and her free spirited daughter Olivia (Olivia Delcan). 

While Nuria is called away on a Business trip, Nuria, nursing a broken heart, takes Fer around the island on her scooter to discover her mothers artworks. 

He discovers both women have an impact on him and learns lessons on love and life.

This is a delightful film that plays on all the little and somewhat larger imperfections of relationships that in the end make them perfect.

Words by Elizabeth Lamont 

Details: Spanish Film festival 2016|  Palace Barracks| until Sunday 8 May| 11:00am to 8:30 daily

Isla Bonita | Australian Premiere | 2015, 101 min Spain | English and Spanish with English subtitles