Marche du Macaron turns one!

Whether you call them “macarons” or “macaroons”, you’d struggle to find someone who doesn’t simply love these little morsels.
For the best macarons on the other side of Paris, the elegantly named Marche du Macaron in Gordon Park is a must-visit. 

Opening just last year, the store has quickly become a favourite with Brisbane foodies, serving amazing creations that have to be tasted to be believed.

If you visit Marche du Macaron expecting just the standard strawberry or chocolate flavours, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. 

Launching in June, the store gave lucky diners a sneak peek at their new savory macaron range – yes, savory – in celebration of their first birthday. 

Cheese lovers will love the new blue cheese, fennel and pecan macarons with a creamy filling that’s as decadent as it is refined. 

The quince and camembert macarons are impossible to say no to, as are the caramalised onion, balsamic and goats cheese macarons. 

Indulging in a little bit of mind-trickery, these surprising little creations look like the humble and familiar chocolate macaron but have the unmistakable flavours of caramalised onion – perfect for winter. 

Already a clear favourite however are the beetroot, horseradish and dill macarons. 

With a vibrant green shell and candy-like pink swirl filling, the macarons are a feast for the eyes, boasting fresh and zingy flavours that will have you reaching for “oh, just one more”… or five.

For those who like their macarons the classic way – nothing wrong with that – Marche du Macaron have an impressive selection of sweet creations. 

From chocolate coated coffee bean to jam and cream scone flavoured, lemon meringue pie to blueberry cheesecake flavoured, the macarons lovingly produced by the team at Marche du Macaron will have you in foodie heaven. 

Or for something a little bit different, the store also serves up freshly baked sweets such as fresh éclairs, brownie cakes and cinnamon scrolls with whisky orange marmalade – um, yes please! 

Celiacs and those avoiding gluten can also indulge to their hearts content with the range thoughtfully created gluten free.  

From the friendly staff to the rows of brightly coloured, beautifully presented pastries at the counter, a visit to Marche du Macaron will leave you with a smile stretching ear to ear. 

Offering plenty of surprising creations that will inspire a sense of childlike wonder, it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends over coffee and something sweet – or not so sweet.

Words by Emily Russ

Image by Marche du Macaron

Details: Marche du Macaron  | 97 Thistle Street Gordon Park, Brisbane