The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys is Director Shane Black’s latest ridiculously hilarious comedy to hit the big screens with leading actors Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

Hollywood actors Gosling (Holland March) and Crowe (Jackson Healy) played a dynamic yet mismatched pair of investigators out to solve a crime big enough to hit the front page of the paper.

Begrudgingly matched to solve a series of murders linked to the adult entertainment industry in 1970s Los Angeles, the two private eyes showed accidental and incongruous bromance at its best. 

As two blokes who hit pot luck in the case – and perhaps aren’t so nice after all – have developed intriguing characters that put you on their side of the fence after all.

Australia’s own Angourie Rice (Holly March) pinpointed the role of an unstable Detective’s daughter, manipulating her way into playing the right hand man on the case. 

With the USA box office pulling in approximately 11 million on opening weekend, this easy watching action/comedy/crime film is a go-to weekend film for those after a good laugh and a few cringe moments.

Image by The Nice Guys

Details: The Nice Guys | crime/comedy/action | released Thursday 26 May 2016


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