Switzerland is a new play by one of Australia’s finest playwrights, Joanna Murray-Smith. It is a thrilling encounter with one of the most fascinating authors of the last half century, Patricia Highsmith.

The late Patricia Highsmith created some of the greatest suspense novels in modern literature.

Her novels are thought to have been an outlet for her own psychological issues.

Now, the writer lives the life of a hermit in the Swiss Alps, cocooning herself within her collection of books and antique weapons.

The woman who spent her life meticulously planning so many deliciously interesting murders is now faced head on with her quickly approaching and possibly uneventful death.

A young representative from her publisher intrudes into her sanctum, demanding a contract for one more devastatingly brilliant book. 

Words by Megan Laws

Image by Switzerland 

Details: Switzerland | QLD Theatre Company | Bille Brown Studio, QTC | 20 May – 26 June 2016