What does your date spot say about your date

Planning a hot date yet not sure what message you are sending? Whether you’re the planner or invitee we’ve got you covered with a list of dates and what they’ll say to that special someone!


Your date is all about quality time. Think homemade goodies, long chats and a summer breeze. 

Whether it’s a mid-morning tea or a boozy afternoon feast watching the sunset – this down to earth date is a surefire way to win the heart of your lover.  

Dinner and a movie 

A rom-com classic. It’s a tried-and-true favourite and as long as the company’s good, how can you go wrong? And hey, if the date’s a downer, you can still enjoy the movie, right?


If the music is good, the company might be even better. Did your date bring you to see their favorite band? If so, tick one for thoughtfulness. Music is something that many people hold close, especially in relationships. This could be a night to remember! 


You’re excited to get to know someone new, but you need a little help loosening your tongue. Never fear, even the more eclectic or adventurous dates often end in drinks!  

Hiking / Adventurous 

Adventure time! Your date wants someone they can share experiences with. A healthy kick-start to a relationship or a surefire solution to spice up an old flame. 

Coffee Shop

A classic date for two people to get to know each other. There aren’t any gimmicks or distractions, so it’s earnest and says you’re confident enough to carry the date on your conversation and wit alone. A coffee date places value on getting to know someone, without only aiming for a one-night-stand.

Words by Crimson Dunstan