Pure Smile will add a sparkle to your grin

Pure Smile is a fast and convenient way to add a little (or a lot!) of sparkle to your pearly whites.

The Sydney based cosmetic teeth whitening company has recently opened three cocoons in Westfield Garden City.
The crew at Pure Smile are extremely knowledgable and will take you through each step in your own private pod.  

While the products are self-applied, the crew will be with you to guide you through the process.

With multiple packages available, Pure Smile are able to tailer the process to suit your teeth, depending on enamel and more. 

Brisbane Weekender have tried and tested the signature package which provides three 20 minute session of whitening plus one 15 minute session at the end to make that grin shine – all while listening to your favourite tunes on your mobile or iPad.

Pure Smile offer convenience items such as headphones, a mirror and a phone charger.

Take-home products are also available to ensure your teeth stay white at home. 

Products include cleaning foam, enamel booster to strengthen your teeth and a 30 secondwhitening pen that can be added to your bed time ritual.

Overall the experience feels is better than a trip to the dentist – only this time you leave with beautiful whites to flash around.

Details: Pure Smile | Westfield Garden City

Notes: only eat white food for 24 hours to follow and arrive early to book a place in the pod