Mr Right

Two of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors, Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, star as misfits who fall in love in Mr. Right.

Following the unlucky-in-love Martha (Kendrick) and her dubious relationship with a notorious hit man on the run, Mr. Right ticks all the boxes for a killer retro-styled hit man comedy.

Upon first meeting Francis (Rockwell), Martha’s luck seemingly takes a turn in the right direction. That is, until she discovers his tumultuous criminal past. He’s a hit man – but here’s the twist – with a conscience. 

Francis’ lives by the unwritten rule to kill only people who hire him to kill others. But while love may be on the cards, his former mentor (Tim Roth) is after him, along with a pack of ruthless bandits. 

Balancing gun-play and bloody murder with the couple’s undoubtable infectious personalities, the independent effort written by Max Landis (Victor Frankenstein) and directed by Spain’s Paco Cabezas, unfortunately falls just short of its star potential.   

Despite unnecessary stylistic boasting, the two actors’ comic flavor still comes through loud and clear. 

Kendrick and Rockwell’s combined comedic charm breaks through the otherwise weak plotline, making it a quirky romantic comedy that is hard to resist.

BW rating: 2.5 stars

Words by Crimson Dunstan

Details: Mr Right | romantic comedy | Screening exclusively at Dendy Portside, Mr. Right is now showing