Central Intelligence 

Dawson Marshall Thurber’s latest American action comedy Central Intelligence sets itself apart from typical buddy cop movies with hilarious one-liners and a stellar cast.

The Rock stars as now grown up Robbie Weirdicht/Bob Stone, once overweight and bullied and high school. 

Twenty years later as the high school reunion approaches, Stone, who worked out six hours a day everyday since high school, hits up the coolest kid in school Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) for a few beers.

Joyner, nicknamed The Golden Jet in high school, was blind sided by Stone with a few killer moves and a mission from the CIA gone rogue.

Finding himself freaked out and in the midst of a murder, an illegal deal and top secret codes, The Golden Jet blindly takes on the bad guys to save the world – one lucky move at a time.

Central Intelligence is a laugh out loud film that engages the audiences from start to finish. 

BW rating: 4 stars

Details: Central Intelligence | rated M | Released 30 June 2016 | 108 minutes