Gazillion Bubble Show – Out of The Box

The Gazzilion Bubble Show, which has been producing bubble amazement across the world, can finally be experienced here in Brisbane at the children’s Out of the Box Festival. 

The Gazillion Bubble Show amazes young children with spell binding bubble artistry. 

Particularly, the talented Melody Yang excites and dazzles her audience with her bubble skills. 

Yang’s bubble journey takes the audience across ocean bubble settings and amazes all with rainbow bubbles. 

Children and parents watch in awe as they witness smoke bubbles and some of the largest bubbles ever seen. 

Yang has been working in bubble artistry since the age of four and hopes to spread joy and happiness to her audience. 

For over three decades Yang’s family have been experimenting with the art of bubble making. 

Currently the Yang family hold an amazing 17 Guinness World Record’s including the most amount of people to fit inside a bubble, and the largest bubble ever made.  

There is no doubt that you will feel the sense of excitement and joy that a simple bubble can bring, and maybe even inspire some little bubble enthusiast to bring out those bubble’s at home.

The Gazillion Buble Show is apart of the children’s Out of the Box Festival and is suitable for ages 3+ (including adults!). 

Words by Michelle McDade

Details: Gazillion Buble Show | Concert Hall, QPAC | $39 to $49 | 23 to 27 Jun 2016

Note: The Gazillion Bubble Show does contain loud music, lasers and strobe effects.