Matt Damon in Jason Bourne 

Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne in this action packed story traversing time and country. 

After hiding in the shadows for a decade, our hero is pulled back into the spotlight forcing him on the run and looking for answers in typical Bourne fashion. 

That means gritty fist fights, destructive car chases and an explosion or two.

Bourne’s timely return to the franchise drives the story forward at a fast pace while revealing more about his intense past.

There’s no glamour in the secret world of a modern day super assassin. 

However, the game of cat and mouse still manages to entice viewers into the unknown world of the CIA by putting viewers on the edge of their seats for the relentless action of the movie.

Words by Christopher Lamont

Image credit Jason Bourne

Details: Jason Bourne | release 28 July 2016 | action | M | 123 minutes