Cupcakes Cafe serves up more than just sweeties in Balmoral

Nestled under the shady trees of Balmoral’s Riding Road is Cupcakes’ Cafe.

The cafe offers a cozy seating space with fantastic food, great ambience and friendly staff.

While the name suggests it’s a place for coffee and cake, the cafe offers well presented and delicious savoury meals.

The all day breakfast menu is a winner among locals for both lazy mornings and afternoon munchies.

The haloumi with balsamic is a sweet and savoury delight with crisp lettuce and soft roasted cherry tomatoes.

While everybody’s favourite avocado on toast with asparagus and gooey poached eggs delivers a few delicious surprises.

Linger on for dessert as Cupcakes Cafe serves up wonderful baked goods, decadent smoothies and Brisbane roasted Dramanti coffee.

A must for everyone!

Words and Images by Megan Laws 

Details: Cupcakes Cafe | 2/185 Riding Road Balmoral


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