Sausage Party

There is nothing more laugh-out-loud funny that a movie about a cheeky sausage and a bunch of pretty hotdog buns.

Directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon have teamed up to create a Sony Pictures CG animation film for adults only (rated R)- Sausage Party.

As the name suggests, the film, starring Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill, is about about a big-mouthed sausage who leads a group of supermarket products on a party-filled journey to uncover the truth about their existence.

When they are picked up by humans and ready to be carried out of the grocery store the food products start to buck up.

The animation is full of excitement you have never thought possible when shopping for the weekly groceries.

Sausage Party is cheeky, witty, hilariously rude for a supermarket sausage and overall a great easy-viewing film.

Image by Sony Pictures

Details: Sausage Party | Comedy | rated R | release date 11 August 2016