Endgame at the Cremorne Theatre – shake & stir bring a masterpiece to QPAC

Until the 20th of August, QPAC will be showcasing Samuel Beckett’s classic Endgame to coincide with shake & stir’s 10-year anniversary.
It takes a rare array of talented artists to bring Beckett’s infamous masterpiece to life, and shake & stir’s Michael Futcher (director of Endgame) does so magnificently.

The work demands no music, no sound effects, no textual amendments, and a complete adherence to the original stage directions by Beckett himself.

With such a strict series of guidelines, shake & stir have taken refuge in the text itself, and have done so with flair and mastery.

The all-Queenslander cast (Leon Cain, Robert Coleby, Jennifer Flowers and John McNeill) deliver a deep and touching performance that forces us to examine our own lives, and consider our place in the world.

Endgame is set in a dark room in the void between life and death, and shows the emotional turmoil of four lost souls who are contemplating their end.

Considered one of the greatest plays of the 20th century, Endgame is a dark comedy with deep observations that should not be missed.

Words by Melanie Baker 

Details: Cremorne Theatre, QPAC – Corner Melbourne St & Grey St, South Brisbane 4101 | (07) 3840 7444 | 9 – 20 August, 2016 | Times vary | Tickets from $35 | Running time 1 hour and 20 minutes (no interval)