A Little Cake Place awarded best cake designers

A Little Cake Place has been delighting Queensland with magnificent cakes for every type of celebration (or just because!).

Owner and Head Designer Caitlin Mitchell has been designing cakes ever since the hilarious film Bridesmaids hit the big screens with an over-the-top chocolate fountain, a love heart cookie and labrador puppies as party favours.

After enrolling in a cake decorating course in Toowoomba, Caitlin took her skills to Britain and has since received first place at the ABIA Awards for her cake designs.

While exceeding each and every brief for weddings (must take a look at the iconic hanging chandelier cakes), birthday parties and more, it’s the flavour and texture in A Little Cake Place’s cakes that reaches the next level.

The dark chocolate mud cake uses premium coverture chocolate ingredients and is as dense as you would hope for.

When cut, the turkish delight flavour exudes the scent of rose water and makes for beautiful photography with a gradient of feminine pink to cream.

Caitlin and her team at A Little Cake Place are warm and friendly, making the experience delightful from the start to the finish of every celebration.

Details: A Little Cake Place | weddings, parties, celebrations | 07 3102 1909


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