Secret Life of Pets “The Movie”

The fun loving animation The Secret Life of Pet’s is a story of two dogs and their adventures of finding their way home to their much loved owner, with needed help from their neighbourhood friends.

Centred in the bustling city of New York downtown Manhattan, The Secret Life of Pets is based on a lovable group of pets, including terrier Max, Max’s new family member Duke, and friends they meet through their mischief-making travels.
The story starts when Max, who adores his owner Katie, is introduced to his new mate Duke – an adorable big shaggy dog who Max is not keen on sharing his space.

After a tethering start the pairs friendship blossom’s as they find themselves lost out in the street’s of New York far away from the safe heaven of their owner Katie’s apartment. 

Not before long the duo are fighting for their lives against the city’s animal control in this bewildering big city, and find themselves face to face with a rebel group of sewer-dwelling animals flushed away by their owners and led by ring leader bunny Snowball. 

Smitten with Max is Gidget, an admirer from across his apartment block. 

As she realises Max is missing sets off on the lookout to find him, along with a gang of other house pets that Gidget gathers from around their block. 

While their adventures entail’s twists and turns and their survival against the menacing sewer-dwellers, the pets find themselves home again in adoration of their beloved owners. 

 The Secret Life of Pets is a family orientated movie perfect to watch with the kids, you may even find that before long your children are suddenly asking you for a newfound favourite pet.

Words by Michelle McDade

Details: The Secret Life of Pets |  showing in Cinemas across Australia | released 8th September