Lavazza Italian Film Festival’s The Space Between

Lavazza Italian Film Festival is set to bring audiences a first look at the Italian Australian drama ‘The Space Between’ at Palace Barracks Cinemas.

From the outset and throughout, The Space Between echoes writer-director Ruth Borgobello’s aim in that it truly is an appetite for the senses.

Stunning, powerful, colour-filled scenes create pivotal moments scattered throughout this Italian-Australian film.

This ‘stream of consciousness’ is something one can go home with and dismantle the meaning behind this crisp cinematography.

The film takes us through the eyes of Marco (Flavio Parenti).

He struggles to move forward after the death of his close friend Claudio.

Working in his late friend’s bookstore, Marco is introduced to Australian actress Olivia (Maeve Dermody).

In their encounters that ensue, Marco is able to see that his friend’s spirit lives on in the places and the people that he loves that surround him.

Marco relocates to Udine in the North of Italy in order to look after his ailing father.

There, the film is able to inject some life and humour in to an otherwise bleak (internal) scenario. 

The sparks start to fly in terms of the chemistry between the two leading roles which adds some thrill to the chase.

The film is able to pull you up when you are otherwise down, through its use of colour, emotion, and beautiful Italian language and scenery. 

Words by Stephanie Panitzki

Details: The Space Between | released 14th September | 98 minutes | rated M