Bridget Jones’s Baby

For those who haven’t seen the first two movies of Bridget Jones’s Diary, here is a quick recap.

Bridget at 32, decides to take control of her life and turn a whole new page (literally). She starts writing a hilarious, adventurous, sex crazed diary of her life and the heart throb she meets along the way…Mr Darcy.

Fast forward 10 years with plenty of drama, Bridget is single again however she finally feels like she has control over her life…or does she?

Her new determined focus on her career gets turned on it’s head when she stumbles upon an American dream named Jack. If this wasn’t enough to throw Bridget off course, then reuniting with her old heart throb Mr Darcy would definitely do the trick.

Throw in an awkward love triangle and Bridget is back to her old ways.

This movie definitely doesn’t disappoint with a great cast including Renée Zellweger, Sarah Solemani, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey and Ed Sheeran.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is still filled with the hilarious tragic comedy that is Bridget Jones’s life.

The film keeps you interested from start to finish, it makes you laugh, it makes you think and it carries you through the whole journey. From being a middle aged single woman and the social stigmas that come with it, to troubles with men; it doesn’t get any better than this.

Words by Krystal King

Details: Bridget Jone’s Baby | Released 15th September | 162 mins | rated M