Snowden is a biographical thriller directed by Oliver Stone in his 20th feature film.
Stone has given us many classics including Wall Street, Platoon, JFK and Born on the Fourth of July. 

Snowden continues in the tradition of these movies with this politically-charged, pulse-pounding thriller.

The film is based on a true story and follows the life of whistleblower Edward Snowden, an American computer professional who leaked classified security information to the media.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing Snowden) heads an all-star cast that includes Melissa Leo, Shailene Woodley, and Zacahry Quinto as well as cameo performances from Nicholas Cage, Timothy Olyphant and Tom Wilkinson.

The film follows the life of Snowden, who walked out of the National Security Agency’s office in Hawaii after he became alarmed at the extent of illegal surveillance activities engineered by the NSA on behalf of the American Government.

Snowden took a trove of its secrets with him inside a Rubik’s cube and flew to Hong Kong, where he set up meetings with journalists in a hotel room and presented them with the largest disclosure of classified documents in world history.

When The Guardian newspaper printed the details, Snowden became a wanted man and flees into exile in Moscow to escape being extradited to the United States and charged with treason.

This compelling film opens your eyes to the scary powers of the American Government’s use of surveillance over its citizens.

Words by Peter Lamont

Details: Snowden | Event Cinemas | thriller | released 22 September 2016 | 139 minutes