Miss Peregrine’s family friendly film

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, based on the best selling-novel, is a Tim Burton themed wonderland.

From gothic visuals and costumes to the recurring character types, Tim Burton’s style is visibly translated across everything he touches, and this film is no different.

The film is equal parts dark, spooky and quirky and follows the tale of young Jacob, who suddenly discovers a world of ‘peculiarity’.

Jacob’s wits are tested when he discovers that the tales told by his grandfather of an invisible boy, a little girl with superhuman strength and a headmistress who has the ability to become a falcon are all true.

Despite his desire to be normal and fit in, Jacob travels to Miss Peregrine’s school for answers and meets the haphazard children of the school who possess some extraordinary powers.

Through the magic of ‘looping’, people inside the loop can live out the same day again and again, without the inhabitants growing older.

These children are not to be underestimated: they may appear young but have the knowledge and wisdom of those who have lived through many generations.

You can’t have a Tim Burton film without some gruesome and downright weird looking monsters. 

Jacob and the children must band together and embrace their gifts in order to save other peculiars of the world as well as Miss Peregrin herself. 

The incredible cast is a combination of Hollywood A-Listers including Allison Janney, Judi Dench and Samuel L Jackson as well as up-and-comers Asa Butterfield (Jacob) and Ella Purnell. 

Even in moments of hardship, the film pokes fun and creates a balance between light and shade that keeps the film light and entertaining.

Words by Maddie Vlismas

Details: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Event Cinemas | Adventure/ Fantasy | released 29 September 2016 | 127 minutes