Interview with Cirque du Soleil’s Koozå star Alessandra Gonzalez

Cirque du Soleil is back in town with a mesmerising performance Koozå. 

Brisbane Weekender caught up with Koozå star Alessandra Gonzalez, who plays the incredibly skilled role of the East Indian vocalist, and understudy for Koozå’s star The Innocent.

BW: You come from a musical background with your father an opera singer, and your mother a dancer. What was it like growing up in such an artistic environment? Did your childhood differ to many of your friends? And did you ever second-guess whether you wanted to try something outrageously different to your parents, or did you always know you wanted to be a performer? 

Alessandra: I started performing on stage when I was 6 years old in the Mexican Folk Dance group where my mother and my father met and I started singing only a year after. So I guess it has always been a passion that I hoped to turn into a career someday. I didn’t have a different childhood. I can say that the only difference could be the fact that instead of taking swimming or volleyball classes in my free time like my schoolmates I would go to rehearse for my next performance somewhere around Italy.  

BW: In your own words, what does the story of Koozå mean to you?

Alessandra: It’s a very touching story about the Innocent trying to find his place in the world. It’s a timeless subject we can all relate to.  

BW: Tell me more about your role in Koozå?

Alessandra: I perform the East Indian singer and the Innocent role as a back up.

From the vocalist’s point of view, I get to perform different styles of music from – of course – Indian chanting, rock, pop. Every night vocalists and band perform live following and supporting the action on stage.

As for the Innocent, it is a character I can relate to and I really love to play the role. I find a beautiful freedom in letting all the worries go away and just be on stage trying to fly a kite or jumping, running and be amazed by whatever happens in front of my eyes. As a plus I get to break the fourth wall and interact with the audience.

BW: What has Cirque taught you the most?

Alessandra: First of all, it’s a job like no other. I’ve been traveling the world for the past six years, met so many people, lived and learned about new cultures while doing what I love the most. It’s an unbelievable experience of work and life.

It has definitely taught me to not hold a grudge, as it would take so much more energy to mask whatever you feel on stage and deliver a good performance at the same time.

BW: Any last comments about Koozå or Cirque Du Soleil?

Alessandra: I feel very lucky to be part of this show and to work with such amazingly talented people.

BW: Do you have any words of advice for aspiring performers?  

Alessandra: Not to sound cliché but “Practice makes perfect” and “never give up on yourself” are the right ingredients for success. 

Don’t just take Alessandra’s word for it. Check out the Koozå’s perfection in the flesh during their Brisbane show.

Words by Rubini Gun

Image by Cirque du Soleil

Details: Cirque du Soleil’s Koozå | from November 24th | Skygate Marquee Performance Centre, Brisbane Airport