Hell or High Water

Written by Taylor Sheridan Hell or High Water is a modern version of a western film about two brothers from West Texas with a thought provoking story line.

Hell or High Water is the ninth feature film from Scottish Director David McKenzie, whose previous films include Starred Up and Young Adam. It is also the Director’s first feature film made in the United States since he released Spread in 2008.

Toby Howard is played by Chris Pine, who is divorced and unemployed and keen to do the right thing by his sons, while Tanner Howard is played by Ben Foster, who is volatile, trigger happy and fresh out of prison.

The two brothers are in mourning for their recently deceased mother and they are confronted with the news that the Texas Midlands Bank will foreclose on the family ranch unless the brothers can pay $43,000 to the bank by the end of the week.

Being broke, the brothers come up with a plan to raise the money by robbing a number of the bank’s branches.

Setting out to stop them are US Marshals Marcus Hamilton, played by Jeff Bridges, and his Comanche-Mexican partner Alberto, played by Gil Birmingham.

Marcus is on the verge of retirement and he is keen to have one final arrest. He is gruff, but displays good judgement and has a lot of patience. Jeff Bridges re-ignites his famous Rooster Cogburn character that won him an Oscar as the movie moves toward the final car chase and gun fight.

Giles Nuttgens cinematography highlights the dry arid landscape (the movie was actually filmed in New Mexico) and the threadbare diners, casinos and restaurants in a relatively impoverished part of America.

Hell or High Water is a must-see film with a stellar cast and endless drama.

Words by Peter Lamont

Image by Hell or High Water

Details: Hell or High Water | drama | released 27 October 2016 | 102 miutes

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