Queensland Theatre presents Disgraced at QPAC

Queensland Theatre presents Pulitzer Prize-winning and gripping play Disgraced, by US writer Ayad Akhtar. 

Disgraced brings you the complex narrative of a successful American-Pakistani lawyer and apostate Amir Kapoor, who has defied all odds. 

He lives the ‘you know you’ve made it’ quintessential New Yorker’s dream, dressing only in $600 shirts and living in a spacious Upper East Side apartment with his beautiful white artist wife Emily. 

Both Amir and Emily complement each other through a particular unconventional contrast. 

He completely rejects his cultural heritage, while she advocates and refers to Islam as a tradition of “beauty and wisdom”. 

This bridge that once connected the two, soon becomes precisely what separates them.

Disgraced ‘s engrossing drama plays out in revealing scenes from their progressive social life, where they rub shoulders with ethnically diverse elites similar to themselves. Amidst the ‘schmoozing’ of a civilised dinner party, harsh truths about prejudices and socially engrained stereotypes, rear their ugly head. 

 These reveals make for some hyper-dramatic penny drop moments.

Playwright Akhtar explores the misconceptions of cultural appropriation and the attitudes of migrants that outsiders mistakenly assume. 

More importantly, Akhtar does it in a way that reveals the frustrations that those like Amir experience- an intense reoccurring feeling of being misunderstood, or more so, anger towards those who misunderstand.

You will witness themes of religion, cultural rejection, identity formation, and their capacity and limitations.

Disgraced serves the true purpose of what plays and ‘the arts’ are about. 

They are not just an expression of the writer and reflection of society, but a vehicle for the questioning of current and prevalent troubling issues.

You can read the news, watch movies or follow human interest stories, but if you want a gripping performance that delivers some real truths behind existing political and religious matters, Disgraced is something you have to see! 

Words by Rubini Gunaratnam

Image by QPAC

Details: Disgraced | 14 October – 06 November | Playhouse, QPAC