Doctor Strange

Marvel never ceases to amaze and outdo themselves, particularly when it comes to the filme Doctor Strange.

The movie, packed with action and drama, has comedic scenes filtered throughout to give it their natural Marvel charm.

It also showcases beautiful scenic cinematography of Nepal, London and New York City.

Doctor Strange is a troubled neurological surgeon with not only a will for success and fortune. He chooses to only take on the patients that will further his success and zero failure record.

Through this path of egotistical fortune, Strange not only looses love but also looses family and friends. When a time comes that he is in desperate need and dependent he pushes away the last person that is left by his side.

In a last chance effort to get his life back he gives up everything to search for an answer, a fix to his problem. But what he ends up receiving is a whole lot more than he expected.

He’s still saving lives, just in a different, harder…weirder way.

Whether you know the Doctor Strange story or just a fan of Benedict himself, this movie will not disappoint.

Words by Krystal King

Image by Doctor Strange

Details: Doctor Strange | Released 27th October | 120mins | Rated M

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  1. Strange is strange, things happen we can’t explain . Eerwah is the strangest, the oldest. I see things you cannot


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