5 must have recipes for tropical Summer juices

1. Coconut Juice

Coconuts are on trend, and what better way to show off the flavour then in a groovy

juice recipe.


 1 cucumber

 1 cup of spinach

 1 avocado

 ½ coconut milk

 1 tablespoon of virgin organic coconut oil

 Juice of lime or lemon

2. Pink Paradise

This juice will allow you to gain all the natural antioxidants hidden in fruit, while looking very pretty on any breakfast buffet table.


 2 grapefruits

 1 orange

 1 cup strawberries

 1 clove of ginger

3. Wonders of Watermelon

This juice is paralleled to that of a summer fling: super yum for your tum, minus the guilt. It also has a thickened texture for those extra hot days.


 2 cups of watermelon

 1 lime

 Mint leaves

 ½ cup of ice

4. Very Vanilla

Who would have thought that vanilla and strawberries was a match made in heaven? This juice is a flavour fascinator.


 5 oranges

 250g punnet strawberries

 ½ lemon juice

 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

5. Citrus juice

With a few quirky ingredients, this juice recipe is a cracker and a must-try for summer!


 ½ pineapple

 750ml soda water

 2 cups of orange juice

 ¼ cup lime-flavoured cordial

Words by Ailish Parr

Image by Omgies